Dxracer Bucket Seat Review (Ergonomic Design)

This DX Racer OH/FE11/NC Recliner Esport Review aims to look at some of the best features of this stylish office chair as well as taking a look at some of the downsides to this chair. If you’re looking for a luxurious chair that will straighten your back whilst providing support for the full length of your back and neck, then this may be the proper racing seat desk chair for you.

The design and features

DX Racer Racing Seat Office ChairIt looks as cool as it is comfortable. The race seat design offers support to not just the back but it has side support too. The additional head cushion adds even more luxury to this office chair. The two optional cushions for the head and the lumbar region can be used or omitted when you are using the chair.

The vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and is breathable. The backrest features strong mesh to support the back. High-quality stitching ensures that this office chair will last for a long time and can withstand even heavy use.

You can adjust the armrests with ease and these provide plenty of comfort to the arms and the shoulders. You can also tilt this racer style office chair back to enjoy maximum comfort and weight distribution.

For complete durability, this office chair has a strong aluminum base, which also has footrests.


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Not many office chairs come with footrests, but this one does, which means that your legs can be kept at the optimum position to reduce fatigue in the legs.

The shape and design of this chair offer the user firm support, which will take the pressure of the spine, lowering the chances of developing back pains and other problems. You can enjoy complete comfort in your shoulders and arms with the comfortable cushioning in the armrests.

Thanks to the smooth upholstery material, you can clean this office chair with ease. The material is also breathable, which means that it won’t cause the user to become too hot.

The additional cushions that come with this office chair ensure that you can have all the comfort you need. The cushions are removable so you don’t have to use them, but they can provide additional support for your head and your lower back.

Dxracer Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Review

The target audience

This office chair is great for those who want a cool look in their office. The modern and unusual design means that you can have a piece of office furniture that isn’t the same as everyone else’s. If you’re looking for something that offers full support and comfort, then this chair can offer you that too. This office chair is a little larger and takes up more space than some other models however so you’ll need to consider the space that you have before you purchase it.


  • This office chair has an ergonomic design, which includes a headrest and lumbar support cushion.
  • The backrest on this desk chair is particularly long to offer support along the whole length of your spine including your neck.
  • The racing seat design is perfect for those who want a chair that looks cool and unusual.
  • Durable base ensures that this desk chair will last for a long time.
  • This office chair includes footrests, which many chairs don’t offer.
  • Adjustable arm rests.
  • Comfortable cushioning.


  • This office chair is fairly large so you should keep this in mind when you are deciding whether or not it will be suitable for your office.
  • This chair is a little heavy due to the heavy-duty materials.

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DX Racer Racing Seat Office ChairIt is a little more expensive than some of the more traditional office chairs available on the market but you will not be disappointed by what this chair offers. It is exceptional value for money.

With a long backrest that supports the spine in its entirety, you couldn’t imagine better support. The reclining feature makes this suitable for the work and one of the best home office chairs available. If you are a gamer, you could use this chair at home so that you can enjoy a comfortable and fully supporting experience. Check out top rated reclining office chairs here!

Another great positive of this chair is the look and the luxurious feel of its design. It will certainly brighten up the décor and with its modern appearance, it is great for those looking for style as well as comfort.

This office chair is a little larger, however, so you should ensure that you have plenty of space for it if you are considering purchasing it.

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