Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review


This office chair is a popular and useful office chair. In the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review, we’ll take a look at the various benefits and some of the drawbacks of purchasing this model. This is an affordable office chair that is quick to assemble and that offers a luxurious feel and appearance.

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The Design And Features

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Comfortable Desk ChairThis office chair is easy to assemble and it doesn’t need any tools. Instead of having to spend hours trying to put it together or getting frustrated with confusing instructions, all you need to do is unfold the seat and the backrest and allow them to click into place. There is a gas cylinder mechanism that slots into the base and then the casters lock onto the base. It only takes around 5 minutes to set up which is great for convenience.

Unlike some office chairs that have a separate lumbar cushion, this office chair comes with inbuilt lumbar support for complete comfort. This support is not only comfortable but it also discourages you from slouching in your desk chair.

This office chair is completely durable and that means the upholstery too. The textile layer is made from a leatherplus material. This is specially reinforced leather that has been treated to be even stronger than leather.


The waterfall seat design helps to reduce the chance of fatigue building up in the legs, which is important for those who need to sit at a desk for long amounts of time during their working day.

The leather plus covering means that this office chair will withstand frequent use and it will not become ripped or scratched like some other materials can be. This is particularly useful if you are planning on using this in your home office. People who have pets know all too well how quickly their beloved companions can scratch and ruin furniture, but the material on this office chair prevents that from happening.


When you get this office chair, you won’t need to spend a long time putting it together and you don’t need any special tools to assemble it with either. It simply folds out and slots together so you can be using it within minutes. If you’re planning on kitting out your whole office with these chairs, you’ll appreciate the speedy setup.

Although this office chair has a luxurious and expensive appearance, it’s actually much more affordable than it looks. If you want to stick to a budget whilst still having a chair that looks the part, you won’t be disappointed with this chair. It is also very comfortable and has several inches of padding which you wouldn’t normally expect from an office chair with such a low price tag.

The Target Audience

This office chair has been made to be suitable for those who are looking for a luxurious and comfortable office chair that will offer maximum support to the user. If you are considering purchasing several office chairs, then you may prefer this chair to other chairs, as it does not take very long to have the chair set up after it arrives.

  • With only 5 minutes assembly time and no tools required, this is convenient and simple.
  • The padding in the chair makes this a comfortable choice.
  • This office chair is suitable for heavier users as it supports up to 250lb weight without difficulty.
  • The pneumatic height adjustment makes this office chair suitable for most heights.
  • The design of the seat reduces fatigue in the legs.


  • Although it is possible to recline and swivel the Boss Black Executive office Chair, some users find it a bit of a struggle to operate the mechanism.
  • This office chair is often reported to be unsuitable for some heights as the headrest is uncomfortable for those who are too short or too tall for their heads to match up with the positioning of the headrest.


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This Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Office Chair Review gives a good insight into just how luxurious and effective this comfortable office chair is for your needs. If you want to avoid developing back pains or muscle strain, this office chair will take the pressure off your spine by supporting your entire back. The leather plus covering also ensures that you can enjoy a durable product that will last a long time without developing scratches, scuffs or tears.


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