Best Underdesk Footrests- (Unbiased Reviews 2020)

Did you know that the bones in our feet make up about a quarter of the bones in our entire body? With that in mind, you need to make sure that your feet are always rested and placed in the right position. The best under-desk footrest will help you do just that!

When we are in the office, or just sitting at the desk at home, our feet are placed on the floor, and that can lead to cramps. You need to make sure that your feet are elevated and your blood is circulating. The slight elevation a footrest can provide takes the strain off your body and spine and gives you comfort.

Under-desk footrests are inexpensive, but there are too many units on the market. In our buying guide, you can find reviews of under desk footrests that we believe to be the top 6 units available nowadays. Additionally, you will learn a lot of useful information and compelling tips. Let’s get started!

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest – Black

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 11.8 x 3.4″
  • Weight: 5.09 pounds
  • Material: Metal
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Drive Medical Footstool with Non Skid Rubber Platform

Drive Medical Footstool with Non Skid Rubber Platform

  • Price: $$$$
  • Dimensions: 11 x 14 x 8″
  • Weight: 1.17 pounds
  • Material: Steel
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ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 11.5 x 3.9″
  • Weight: 0.85 pounds
  • Material: Velvet Soft Foam
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Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable Footrest

Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable Footrest

  • Price: $$$$
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 6 x 14″
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds
  • Material: over 4 pounds
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HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk

HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 11.3 x 3.7″
  • Weight: 0.85 pounds
  • Material: Velboa and 30D high-density sponge
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DMcore Canvas Foot Rest Hammock

DMcore Canvas Foot Rest Hammock

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 25.8 x 6.1″
  • Weight: 0.75 pounds
  • Material: Wood, canvas, steel, polyethylene
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Top Rated Under Desk Footrests

The units you see below are our top picks. They are high-quality ones, and we believe that you will be satisfied with each one of them. Bear in mind that they are not arranged in any particular order, and it is entirely up to you to choose which one will be your next acquisition.

1. AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot RestThis low-profile under-desk footrest is designed for placement under a table or a desk. It takes minimal space but provides substantial benefits.

The AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest is sturdy and durable, however, since it is made of metal, it is a bit heavier than more footrests.

Elevating your feet while sitting in a chair is essential for your posture and the reduction of physical stress. Therefore, what we really like about this unit is its multi-position design. The product has a free-floating platform that easily tilts back and forth if you slightly apply pressure. However, If you look for something with more than 2 inches height at the low part, this product may not be the one for you.

The textured surface of the AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest is another significant advantage. It is made up of geometric circular bumps that reduce stress during work. You can even feel the massaging effect if you are barefoot or wearing socks. On the other hand, the rubbers at the bottom of the unit come off quickly, and you may find that a bit irritating.

  • PROS:
    • Textured Surface
    • Sturdy and durable
    • Multi-position design
  • CONS:
    • It is not very high
    • The rubbers at the bottom come off easily
    • A bit heavy

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2. Drive Medical Footstool with Non Skid Rubber Platform

Drive Medical Footstool with Non Skid Rubber PlatformThis Drive Medical Footstool with Non Skid Rubber Platform is one of the most stable units available on the market. Due to its non-skid rubber platform, it won’t slide, and your feet will feel rested all through the day.

Another surpassing thing about this product is the fact that it can be used for many things. You can use it as an under-desk footrest, or you can use it as a footstool that will help you reach higher items. While the top shelves won’t be a problem anymore, and the desk in your office will feel like the most comfortable place on earth, you won’t be delighted with the smell the unit has. Due to its rubber platform, the product smells of plastic and rubber, and it can get quite uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the footrest is safe, and it features a steel-welded silver construction so you can be sure that it is also durable. The dimensions of the product are 11″(D) x 14″(W) x 9″(H), and it can withstand up to 300 lbs.

  • PROS:
    • Light but sturdy
    • Holds up to 300 lbs
    • Could be used for a variety of things
  • CONS:
    • It smells of rubber and plastic
    • Rusts easily

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3. ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under DeskNow, this unit screams comfortable. Only by looking at it, you can already tell how good your feet will feel placed on it. Well, in reality, that is not 100 percent true. The unit is excellent for under-desk use, and it is indeed comfortable. However, some people may feel that it is a bit low than other products. Another disadvantage is the firm foam that also may be a problem for some.

However, our team actually liked the unit, and we think that it has more advantages than disadvantages. For starters, the multi-purpose. When you turn over your ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk with the curved side down, it becomes a rocker that will keep your feet moving. Not only that, but you can also use this footrest anywhere- in your home, office, or while traveling.

ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk has a non-slip bottom and a removable cover that is easy to clean. The dimensions of the unit are 17.3″ x 11.5″ x 3.9″, so you can also carry it around easily.

  • PROS:
    • Can be used as a rocket
    • Removable cover
    • Easy to clean
    • Non-slip bottom
  • CONS:
    • A bit low for most people
    • The foam is not that soft

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4. Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable Footrest

Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable FootrestThis Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable Footrest is made entirely of plastic (except its rubber feet), and therefore not the most durable and sturdy unit in our list. Still, it is comfortable, and you will get rid of sore and tired feet once and for all.

This footrest is anatomically designed to massage the pressure points in your feet. You can easily adjust the high and the angle of the device, and you can even use it as a wheelchair footrest. However, what we didn’t like is that it cannot be locked flat or at an angle. Also, the unit tends to creak when you move you feer.

When it comes to price, this unit is definitely a ‘wallet-friendly’ one. You will also get a full 90-day guarantee. Even though the device is not that sturdy, it will help you with your posture, blood circulation, and it will also reduce your pain.

  • PROS:
    • Anatomically designed to massage pressure points in the feet
    • Does not slide
    • Comfortable
    • Great for under-desk use
  • CONS:
    • Entirely made of plastic
    • Creaks when you move your feet
    • Cannot be locked flat or at an angle

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5. HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk

HOKEKI Foot Rest Under DeskSitting in a chair, behind a desk for a whole day can be a living hell for your feet. This HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk will relieve the soreness and allow your feet to rest. You can use it anywhere- home, office, bus, flight, you name it.

This under desk footrest has a non-slip bottom. However, we noticed that it is not as effective as it should be, and the unit tends to slide when placed on the floor. Some people also find the high to be a bit low. The unit’s ergonomic pedals are made of comfortable Velboa and 30D high-density sponge. Since the footrest is super soft, it won’t scratch your floor.

Another advantage is the easy cleaning. There is no need for special cleaning precautions since the unit features a carefree cover for quick disassembly. You simply put the cover in the washing machine and then wait until it dries. The unit also doubles as a rocker that will keep your feet moving.

  • PROS:
    • Easily fits under the desk
    • Portable
    • Doubles as a rocker
    • Soft and Comfortable
    • Removable cover that is easy to clean
  • CONS:
    • Some may find it a bit low
    • Slips easily

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6. DMcore Canvas Foot Rest Hammock

DMcore Canvas Foot Rest HammockNow, this is an intriguing suggestion- a footrest hammock. Yes, it may sound strange but trust us, it is as good as all others under-desk footrests. The DMcore Canvas Foot Rest Hammock is super comfortable and will ease the pressure off your lower back while improving your circulation. It is excellent for your home or office, and it is also easy to install.

The DMcore Canvas Foot Rest Hammock is compatible with most desks whose desktop is less than 55cms thick. The ropes are easily adjustable (from 8in to 17.8in.), but you may have to modify the hooks, depending on your desk.

The materials this unit is made of are durable. It is made out of a reliable canvas, 2 steel clips, a hanging rope, and wood. The thing that we didn’t like were the steel clips that we believe can be a bit sturdier. The dimensions of the hammock are 25.8″ x 6.1″.

  • PROS:
    • Easy to install
    • Adjustable rope – from 8in to 17.8in
    • Made out of sturdy materials
    • Highly comfortable
    • Compatible with most desks
  • CONS:
    • The metal brackets are not that reliable
    • You may have to modify the hooks depending on your desk

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Benefits of Underdesk Footrests

Keeping a good posture has become harder nowadays, due to the heavy bags we have to carry, or just the fact that we haven’t made a habit of checking ourselves regularly if we have curved our back. Making a mental note of doing this can help us regulate our posture more often, but there are other little things we can do to keep our back straight. This then helps us if we have back problems.

One thing, which is also really easy to use is an under-desk footrest. However, it is not the only thing we can buy or do to have a better time while working. For more tips and tricks you can look at our guide and product reviews for all excellent massage devices.

It might not seem like much; however, a footrest can provide significant ergonomic benefits. There are at least four reasons to use a footrest, and some of them are that it can help ease your leg problems and lessen any issues with the lower back. When you have a desk job, you have a risk of inactivity, since you’re always sitting, this also impacts your back, legs, and circulation in other parts of your body. This can seem as unimportant, but it is one of the leading causes of lost productivity in the workplace.

• Footrests are amazing for shorter people

When you are seated, your weight needs to be distributed appropriately, that is done when your feet lay flat on the floor, but if you are someone shorter, that can be difficult to achieve. Here’s when the footrest becomes handy, even if your chair can’t get low enough, you can still rest your feet on the under desk footrest.

• It’s for everyone

You don’t need to have a shorter height to benefit from this item. No. Anyone can use it to improve their circulation and blood flow. If you have or if you are prone to such problems you can search desk footrest for circulation. Blood clots are related to deep vein thrombosis, to prevent them you have to reduce the pressure on your legs, which is done when using a footrest.

It also relieves lower backpressure, decreases swelling and varicose veins. Some chairs have a so-called waterfall edge, which can be helpful for your comfort. However, if you are missing this vital piece, then a footrest can make up for it. In case you have some serious issues with your back it is a good idea to look at great lumbar support cushions for that extra support you need.

• Back problems

One of the common complaints amongst the office workers are backaches and other back damage. Sitting incorrectly or too long at an office desk can intensify disorders of the spine. To add to this, working at an uncomfortable desk or using a poorly-fitting chair can never help us either. And that’s just one of the reasons why you need a footrest.

• Feet relief

Another advantage of using a footrest is that they help keep your feet in a neutral position. This is especially helpful for women, because some of them wear shoes with different sizes of heels every day, from high heels to sandals or boots.

Walking around in different shoes like these, yet keeping your feet flat on the floor all day long can strain your muscles and tendons, including the Achilles tendon. However, when you get your feet adequately supported with a footrest, you can make an enormous difference in the health of your feet.

• Active Sitting

We are all aware that sitting all day isn’t good for us, because we aren’t busy enough, and studies prove this. Fortunately, we can do some movements and active sitting when using a footrest. Just make rocking motions, which will keep your legs moving and your blood flowing.

• Comfort

The most straightforward benefit of all this is just the fact that it is made for your feet’s comfort. It is different than just resting them on a carpet or hardwood floor. It is designed specifically for human feet, and you can pick one which matched your office’s interior.

Your level of comfort while working will be further enhanced if you also got the top most comfortable office chair available. Our team can help because we’ve compiled professional reviews of such products. Just check our article out.

• Relaxation

A person who tends to tense up when they’re stressed or if you are just naturally more fidgety, rolling your feet around can help you a lot when dealing with stress and can even relieve your anxiety.

When Should You Use an Ergonomic Footrest?

Best Underdesk FootrestWe must mention that buying one isn’t a necessity, but we have a few studies that prove the benefits of ergonomics. It’s not for everyone, and that’s why we will explain some key things that if they are happening, you should get yourself an under desk footrest.

It is recommended to use a footrest when your chair is too high, so your feet can’t touch the ground. It might have been fun to swing your legs when you were a kid, but now that you are working and sitting on it for hours at a time, it is something you should avoid. Of course, you can only see if this is happening when you set your chair on the correct height for you.

The correct height happens when your arms can easily and quickly use the keyboard and mouse, the top edge of your monitor is lined up with your eyes so you are comfortable with using it and your armrests are at a correct height.

However, if you have covered all of this already and your feet still aren’t resting flat on the ground, then you have a situation.

But We Can Still Help Resolve the Issue

Most of the time, this happens to shorter people, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the workstations have higher pieces of furniture, then it doesn’t really matter how tall you are unless perhaps you are 2.10m, but in these situations, a person will need a footrest regardless of their height. This is why to eliminate cases of furniture that is too tall, it’s definitely great to get amazing office desk. Along with that, you may want to look for even more home office furniture by checking out our home page.

That is not the only reason why you would want to get yourself a footrest, though. A good idea to get one is to improve your leg circulation. This occurs because your seat cushion is putting pressure on your thighs, so thanks to a footrest, they are lifted up a bit.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need a Footrest?

When buying a comfortable chair for office or home, most of the people would rather look for ergonomic design and cushion. But have you thought about the fact that while sitting your entire body, weight is not just on your spine and buttocks? You might have ignored your legs as your sitting, and not standing or walking. But even while sitting, the legs need to be comfortable to maintain proper blood circulation. Even the pressure on your knees depends on the angle in which your feet rest. This is exactly where a footrest comes to the rescue and makes a comfortable chair truly ergonomic.

These are the 3 main reasons why you need one:

  1. They reduce pressure on your foot
    – Footrests lift your feet off the floor while reducing the entire body’s pressure on them. To keep your feet comfortable and the blood circulation going well, it supports your feet just above the ground while also keeping it well ventilated. While reclining as the legs straighten, they support the upper & middle legs for a well-balanced posture.
  2. They help in adjusting short folks
    – Often when you’re sitting at a fixed height desk, your feet might not reach the ground to properly distribute the body’s pressure. The problem is even worse for people with below-average or short heights. For such folks to optimize the advantages of an ergonomic chair, footrests come to the rescue by supporting their feet on a flat surface while equally distributing their weight.
  3. They assist active sitting
    – You might have come across posters shouting that ‘Sitting is the new smoking’. Prolonged hours of sitting have proven to be causing blood clots and swelling in the varicose veins. While using a footrest ensures a slight movement of your legs in a rocking motion, which in turn keeps a healthy blood circulation flowing and reduces stress on your lower back.

How to achieve perfect posture?

Start by checking if your hips are a little higher than your knees. After that, make sure you don’t keep your feet flat all the time, instead move them frequently. One thing which can help you decide if you need an ergonomic footrest is if you have pressure in the back of your legs when you’re not moving. If that is present, we advise you to add this item to your set up.

Safety tips

Even if you are using an under desk footrest, it still can’t make up for sitting in one place all day doing work and not moving. Because of this, we highly recommend you again move frequently, because in the long term it will improve your health and circulation, even more than what the footrest helps you with.

Even if you are using an ergonomic position, if you are sitting too long, it can result in circulatory conditions and even muscular problems. To prevent such issues, you can change positions often and move your feet, arms, and legs throughout the day. Studies show that every hour ten minutes stretch break will keep your body and brain focused and more productive.

The perfect match is one between a good chair, good posture, and enough movement.


  • Types of Underdesk FootrestRocking footstep

    Usually, they are made out of plastic. The good thing about these products is that they help you exercise active sitting more than some of the other types because you can rock your feet back and forth.

  • Cushion

    These are good for multiple usages because you can pop them on your seat and use them for back support or perhaps as a seat cushion. They are portable, light, soft, and fantastic with traveling. Plus, you can machine wash it.

  • Plastic

    Most of the footrests are made from sturdy, thick plastic material and are great if you have a small or medium size of desk or table. They can have different surfaces, some are rigged, which lets you massage the soles of your feet, others, however, are flat.

  • Metal

    Footrests made out of metal are really durable, heavy-grade. This lets them withstand rough environments. Most of the time, they are bigger and weigh more because of the material. They are better suited for people with large desks that have a lot of room underneath.

  • Temperature control

    This is just a feature some footrests have, which let you heat up your legs during the winter, or cool them down during the summer heat.

  • Foot hammock

    Yes, the name doesn’t lie, it is literally a hammock for your feet. They are especially good with traveling because they are made from cloth, so they don’t take up much area and are easy to pack and carry around.

To attach them to both sides of a desk, you have fastening clamps. However, keep in mind they aren’t all good for desk use, but a desk hammock is really easy to set up. If you prefer like most people, you can use it in an airplane.

Features to look for

Adjustable incline and height

If you get a footrest that lets you customize it to yourself, only naturally it will fit you better than others which are made for full sizes and situations. Usually, you can adjust two things, the height and the angle tilt. The height should move around 2-5 inches, while the tilt angle should go from a 0-35 degree incline, always aim for the finest angle for footrest, because it will also get you the top results.

Non-slip support surface

This is usually provided when you have a textured or bumpy surface. This helps because it can also massage the soles of your feet. However, you might prefer a smooth, cushioned type instead. If this is your preferred look for a brand that provided optimum comfort.

Surface area

Of course you would want a footrest that can fit both feet, a fantastic surface is about 38cm (15”) wide and 28cm (11”) long.

Weight allowance

It is something you should check, just to make sure you can or cannot go full on top of as it is with high standing desk footrests.

Ergonomic design

Such design relieves muscle fatigue, injury, and strains.


This depends on the material it is made from; however, it can also be on the design, for instance, a base that has more contact area with the ground would be sturdier. A footrest should be able to keep its position on any type of floor surface.

This is important even though not many people think about it because you can’t have it to work on a carpet, but then move, slip when on a wooden floor. To help with that, manufacturers add rubber or silicone surfaces on the bottom of the product, which helps anchor it in place.

Material quality

We will assume that when you purchase a product, you will want it to have a long life of usage, but a low-quality material make your experience a rather short-lived one, even if the design is rather good. The two things material quality and design seem to have a connection, so looking for something perfect, is desirable.

Additional features to consider
Underdesk Footrest Reviews

A mechanism for cooling and heating – Some types of footrests has this feature, so you can warm or cool your feet. An adjustable fan will provide maximum warmth or coolness. Always make sure you read the product instructions to avoid overheating or electrical shock.

Portability – If you move desks often or just another aspect of your work requires something like that and you want to find a footrest that can come along with you. What you need to look for is if it can fold and compact to fit, for instance, a suitcase for when you’re traveling. Usually, for these situations, a desirable weight is less than 2 lbs.

Rocker or Built-in Massage Balls – We already mentioned that rocking motion improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue, so perhaps you’ve decided that’s what you want to look for in a footrest. For that, you need to confirm that the design allows you to stretch your ankles and calves back and forth with no problem. Besides, this movement helps you deal with stress while working.

Foot Lever or Pedals – This a convenient way you can adjust or reposition the product with a simple touch of your foot. Of course, this is a better way than having to continually bend over to change the height or incline of the footrest.

Best Underdesk Footrest Comparison Chart

AmazonBasics Under Desk Foot Rest – Black

$$15.3 x 11.8 x 3.4″5.09 poundsMetal
Drive Medical Footstool with Non Skid Rubber Platform

$$$$11 x 14 x 8″1.17 poundsSteel
ErgoFoam Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk

$$$17.3 x 11.5 x 3.9″0.85 poundsVelvet Soft Foam
Embody Care Under Desk Foot Rest & Adjustable Footrest

$$$$17.5 x 6 x 14″0.2 poundsover 4 pounds
HOKEKI Foot Rest Under Desk

$$$17.6 x 11.3 x 3.7″0.85 poundsVelboa and 30D high density sponge
DMcore Canvas Foot Rest Hammock

$25.8 x 6.1″0.75 poundsWood, canvas, steel, polyethylene

Wrap Up

Well guys, you now know everything there is to know about how to find the best under-desk footrest. We hope that you have carefully read our reviews of under-desk footrests and that you have chosen a product suitable to your needs based on what you have learned from our tips and useful info.

If you really find our article interesting and helpful, make sure you share it with all your friends and family. After all, everyone deserves to have rested feet. Also, if there is anything you would like to tell us, feel free to write us a comment or just send us an email.

Since helping our readers find the most reliable unit is our number one priority, we have many articles devoted to finding the right product- go read them as well! Thanks for reading, and as always- stay put!

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