10 Best Office Desks & (Creating A Productive Home Office in 2019)

best-office-deskAlbert Einstein had always asked that if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what is an empty desk a sign of- makes you wonder isn’t it?

Did you know before the evolution of desks, people would read and write on huge storage chests?

The evolution of desk has come a long way from sloped desks— in which people would make copies of manuscripts, books, and documents before the press revolutionized things during the Renaissance to the present cosmopolitan society – in which people are debating over whether to stand or sit and work. But what we can say is that a ‘desk is desk’, no matter how you use it will be beneficial.

So, when your inner interior designing goddess wakes up from her slumber and decides to spunk up her workspace in her humble abode then these are the most attractive and versatile best office desks that you can invest in! Happy working.

TOP Rated Modern Office Desks


kathy ireland Home by Martin Huntington Oxford Right L-Shaped Desk, Wheat

Martin Furniture Huntington Oxford L-Shaped Desk

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Dimensions : 81 x 68.2 x 29″
  • Weight : 374 pounds
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Wheat
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Coaster Oval Shaped Executive Desk

Coaster Executive Office Desk

  • Price : $$$$
  • Dimensions : 72 x 32 x 31″
  • Weight : 401.3 pounds
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Black / Cherry
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Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk, Antiqued Paint

Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk

  • Price : $$$
  • Dimensions : 66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3″
  • Weight : 179 pounds
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Antiqued Paint
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Monarch Reclaimed Home Office Corner Desk

  • Price : $$$
  • Dimensions : 47.2 x 23.8 x 30″
  • Weight : 75 pounds
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Natural
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Sauder Harbor View L Shaped Computer Desk in Salt Oak

Sauder Harbor L Shaped Office Desk

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions : 66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3″
  • Weight : 192 pounds
  • Material : Bamboo-derived rayon
  • Color : Salt oak
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1. Martin Furniture Huntington Oxford L-Shaped Desk

If you believe in classic and contemporary designs but want the useful amenities for a clutter free work area with a touch of regal, then this is your perfect match. Their main agenda is to offer the clients an innovative workplace with ample space for their computer accessories, docking centers as well as USB hubs. The drawers hide your nitty gritty for a free access look. The overall design and style is of the yester-era and will suit you if you are going for a vintage look.

  • Concealed storage
  • Additional storage includes a keyboard pull out, pencil drawer, and 9″w x 21″h CPU space with adjustable shelf
  • Finished back with placement anywhere in a room
  • Wheat finish on hardwood solids and veneers
  • Availability of power centers
  • Minor assembly required
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • The packaging and delivery was on time and perfect
  • The desk is a bit heavy and won’t be suitable if going for a minimal look
  • There were some problems with the power pods
  • The desk is quite huge hence prior measurements need to be done.

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2. Coaster Executive Office Desk

There has been a day in everyone’s life when we had watched the movie ‘The National Treasure’ and imagined ourselves sitting on the grand resolute desk. Sadly, it will be a dream for most of us! Or maybe not. This desk might not be the resolute desk but it is in no way less than that. With Orante designs, drawers, and beautiful wood finish, you too can sure feel like the queen of England or the president of United States of America.

  • Seven full extension drawers
  • Hardwood solids and veneer construction
  • Elegant finish
  • Fluted moldings and classic molding trim


  • There were issues with the delivery and the product was damaged in some cases
  • While purchasing, do check the return policy because it might be a problem later
  • The décor was classy and the handcrafted bits were very stylish as well

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3. Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk

Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer DeskIf you ever wanted a desk that would have a minimal design and would be pocket-friendly then this should be your buy because there is a fine balance between design and features. Clutters can be stored, coffee mugs can be placed away from your Mac book so that unwanted accidents don’t take place and wires are also hidden so that your child can’t access it. Its sturdy design and materials will give your work the support that it needs.

  • Unit can be configured with drawers and door on left or right
  • Durable melamine top surface
  • There are three drawers that are fine for your small storage needs.


  • The products is super heavy, it may look light but it’s not
  • It requires minimum assembly, which can be done without any help
  • The desk is quite big so most of the work can be done on it and has average storage.

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4. Monarch Reclaimed Home Office Corner Desk

Sometimes less is more! This desk ticks all the right boxes when minimalist décor comes into the picture. This particular one has a side extension with many storage areas for all the excess clutter to be stored in an organized and design-oriented way. Whether it’s your favorite coffee table book or your favorite scented candle to calm your nerves! Everything has a space. The covered storage has ample space for files, books, and others.

  • Materials: Wood
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Natural color finish


  • This desk is significantly cheaper than other products of wood
  • The desk is too heavy to be moved alone
  • Delivery and handling-on point
  • The design suits any décor

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5. Sauder Harbor L Shaped Office Desk

This space saving desk will store your documents as well as has ample space for your computer and other gadgets. Its old wood features will add the right amount of old world charm and sophistication to your room.

  • Storage area behind door holds a vertical CPU tower and has an adjustable shelf
  • Lower drawer holds letter or European size hanging files
  • Door and drawers can be fastened on the left or right side
  • Slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf with metal runners


  • It does take up a lot of space
  • Too heavy to handle by one person
  • But assembling is easy

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Leick Home Office Corner Desk

  • Price : $$$
  • Dimensions : 48 x 24 x 30.2″
  • Weight : 78 pounds
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Chocolate Oak
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WE Furniture Corner Office Desk

  • Price : $
  • Dimensions : 51 x 20 x 29″
  • Weight : 57 pounds
  • Material : Metal
  • Color : Smoke
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Z-Line Glass Office Desk

  • Price : $
  • Dimensions : 24 x 60 x 37″
  • Weight : 96.5 pounds
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Color : Clear Glass
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RTA L-Shaped Office Desk

  • Price : $$
  • Dimensions : 44 x 33 x 6″
  • Weight : 64 pounds
  • Material : Mdf-Metal
  • Color : Brown
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Sauder Home Office Desk

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions : 47 x 20.6 x 36.1″
  • Weight : 95 pounds
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Autumn Maple
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6. Leick Home Office Corner Desk

If you thought that living in a small space deprives you off investing a good work desk then you are absolutely wrong because of this particular one, although compact and small, has all the necessary amenities for your work station. With separate plank storage for your computer accessories and other storage, you will still have enough space to spread your legs and stretch.


  • The desk is very solid and easy to assemble
  • Honestly, there isn’t much moving space and its very compact
  • The whole drop lid feature is a good
  • It is suitable for a small living space

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7. WE Furniture Corner Office Desk

When you were young, you always wanted to live like the Jetsons with modern technology and glass furniture in the future. Now, this is the future and your “Jetson” dream will come true. This tempered glass top desk will make you feel like a fashion editor of any high fashion magazine or a nerdy scientist from the future, the functionality is as good as the exterior décor. With the right balance of everything, this desk will become your favorite part of the house

  • Durable steel frame with powder coat finish
  • Sliding keyboard tray can be mounted on either side
  • Space-saving L-shape design
  • ready-to-assemble


  • Doesn’t have too much space for storage
  • The corners are sharp, so need to be made baby-proof
  • Assembling is not that difficult but the table itself is not too sturdy

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8. Z-Line Glass Office Desk

This classic design gives your workspace a stylish customization. It combines contemporary design with an age-old tradition of craftsmanship. This tempered glass office design desk has, pull out tray facilities for your keyboard and has geometric patterns to the steel frames.

  • It is ideal for corner placement
  • Sturdy metal frame with reinforced plates on welding joints; black powder coat finish
  • Tempered glass on desktop, display shelf, and slide-out keyboard tray
  • Home assembly required


  • The quality and design are gorgeous, and value for money
  • Doesn’t have too much storage space
  • Although seems a bit small but it is in fact quite large

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9. RTA L-Shaped Office Desk

For a simple yet sophisticated desk, this is what is needed- a flat bar storage desk that provides generous workspace and includes hidden storage area for your important documents and also provides support for your heavy-duty work.

  • It is constructed of medium density fiberboard and has a durable Mahogany finish.
  • Metal leg support with metal decorative designs
  • Ample space for all your work


  • The pull out tray is a good feature
  • Doesn’t have too much storage space
  • Isn’t too heavy and assembling is easy as well.

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10. Sauder Home Office Desk

New -SAUDER HOME OFFICE DESKThis desk gives a very mid-century executive vibe with space saving elements for a small space in which it can serve a dual purpose for desk and storage. This strong hardwood feel workspace desk has ample space to not make your area feel cluttered.


  • Two drawers feature patented T-lock assembly system
  • Lower drawer with full extension slides holds letter-size hanging files
  • Cubbyhole storage
  • Two drawers feature patented T-lock assembly system
  • Lower drawer with full extension slides holds letter-size hanging files
  • Cubbyhole storage
  • Free replacement parts


  • It is easy to assemble but too bulky to move around
  • The desk has a perfect size to fit in any space
  • Power tools are required for assembling

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Office Desk Buying Guide

office-desks-buying-guideIf you are running the whole world sitting at one particular space, then you will inevitably suffer from backaches and posture problems, but there are a few hacks that you can use to avoid these- one and only important guide-

  • There are a few things that a person while working from home needs to keep in mind. Firstly, how we work if we spend most of our time sending emails and making calls? If so, then a desk with a smaller surface area may work well. If the work involves lots of papers, files, and books, then we need a larger desk with space to spread out. Secondly, the desk must have ample storage space. If we are dealing with papers and files all day long, then we must look for a desk with multiple drawers, especially drawers that allow for hanging files. Thirdly, the material is of utmost importance as well Glass- and marble-topped desks will require more maintenance and clean up, but can have a more classy look. Solid wood, especially mahogany and cherry, is a classic desk material. But, solid wood can be expensive and very heavy. Desks made of wood with veneers and metal can be budget friendly.
  • One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while buying a desk is the space- the desk must be purchased depending on how large or small your room is. If you have a large room, then you must go for U- and L-shaped desks with a wide top of an executive desk for increased real estate on their extended arms. And if you have a small room then hutch desks and secretary desks save floor space by offering workspace and shelves up and down your wall which opens up your room a lot.
  • There are different types of desk as well:
    • Wave Desk-
      These are large desks with one wider side, which was originally designed to accommodate the old-style monitors. They’re still really popular and are ideal for office workers, who require plenty of workspace leg room or space for integrated storage.
    • Corner Desk-
      These are large office desks designed to fit into the corner of a room. Depending on the layout of your office, this can be a great way to make better use of every bit of available space.
    • Writing Desk-
      They are designed to be positioned against walls, providing a good solution for small areas and occasional workspaces. They work great in bedrooms or studies and they can feature in-built storage solutions.

5 Tips to Create The Best Home Office


  • Design your home-based office with efficiency in mind- Having a clean office desk with enough space to hold a computer, work phone, in/out box or action file and room to write or work, this will make your life so much easier and sorted out.
  • Keep business and personal records separated-
    This is by far the best tip provided by all the top CEO’s, separating files makes your job 100 times easier. You can create visual cues in your OS and themes, you can use different interfaces for different work.
  • Good seating support-
    Having the right kind of support will save you time and future backaches, which you won’t get with the wrong kind of chair
  • Good lighting- 
    All those late night work that you did without proper light and gave you a headache in the morning, needs to be avoided. Hence, investing on a good source of light is a must. Just as any other lighting concept, lighting at the working place should be flexible and energy-saving. An optimal lighting depends on the visual task and requires both balance of indirect and direct light sources, as well as balance between daylight and artificial light. A combination of different types of desk lamps enables an individual illumination in rooms according to the visual tasks.
  • Simplify processes– Complex work processes slow productivity and increase the potential for mistakes. By simplifying the procedures in your work, you make more efficient use of time, which in turn saves energy and money. While specific work processes vary, the process of streamlining how you do work is adaptable to situations. Make sure all your things are kept near you so that the work process can be cut down by a few hours and you can provide good work.

8 Characteristics of the Best Office Desk


  1. Don’t strain your eyes –
    Craning your neck or moving your head to see what’s on your computer screen can cause everything from tension, headaches to blurred vision. Thus, you must give your eyes rest after every 2 minutes.Glare on walls and finished surfaces, as well as reflections on your computer screen also can cause computer eye strain. Consider installing an anti-glare screen on your monitor and, if possible, paint bright white walls a darker color with a matte finish.
  2. Keep shoulders from slouching-
    It may seem more comfortable in the short term, good posture at your desk reduces your risk for long-term back, shoulder and neck problems.To have good posture while you sit, you need to keep your shoulders back, your chest open, and keep your back straight and tall. To keep your shoulders back, you need to move your shoulders back and push your chest out more. You should feel your head move back as well. This should open up your chest and tuck in your abdomen muscles.
  3. Move around as much as you can
    The human body isn’t designed to remain static or kept in one position for a long period of time. So, you need to keep moving after every 20 minutes. Instead of slogging away for hours nonstop, take a mini break for a stationary jog. Pop up from your chair and jog in place. Pick up those knees! Continue for one minute.
  4. Stand and work
    The debate is that whether standing desks are beneficial to our health? There is no doubt that it helps boost our blood pressure and blood sugar over people who sit all day. Studies confirm the benefit of the simple act of standing. For instance, a study of employees at New Balance shoe headquarters showed that performing an activity every 30 minutes—standing, walking, stretching—improved not only health but also engagement and concentration.
  5. De-clutter your desk
    Staying healthy isn’t limited to our physical wellbeing, we can also take steps to make sure you are less stressed whilst working from your desk. Take everything off your desk and out of your drawers, put them in a box, and go back to work. When you need an item, you can put it back on the desk. If there are things you don’t use after a few days, you probably don’t need them, ever.
  6. Optimal Seating Position
    The easiest thing a person can do to minimize injuries at their desk is to position themselves correctly at their computer, not only will it remove aches and pains, but it could also increase productivity as a result. One of the most basic and obvious things you need is a comfortable place to sit. So, choosing the right desk along with a comfortable chair is important.
  7. Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse Regularly
    Computer keyboards harbor more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. Thus, keeping it clean is of utmost importance. Unplug your mouse and keyboard from your computer, use a lightly dampened microfiber cloth to wipe away grime or dirt. Be careful not to get moisture into any openings. Use a dry microfiber cloth, to remove any remaining moisture from your mouse and keyboard.
  8. Finally, enjoy your work-
    This is the most important tip that anyone can give. To do well at work one must learn to enjoy what they are doing. And if you don’t like your job, then here are some tips you can follow- stop hanging out with haters, ask for more of what you like, talk to yourself differently, and motivate yourself and most important work hard

Tips For Buying The Perfect Executive Desk


    Executive desks are designed to project professionalism and prestige, they generally are not made from lower quality materials, such as particleboard. The majority of executive desks are made out of high-quality solid wood. Commonly found wood are cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut. To keep those creative juices flowing, find desks that make you feel comfortable and cozy. You shouldn’t be falling asleep on it, but a nice office desk will help you when you’re brainstorming.
    Important features to be kept in mind- Keyboard shelves, power strips, which include a small number of phone jacks, Ethernet ports, electrical plugs, and possibly even USB ports as well. While you can have decorations and create an amazing space, the function should come before the form. You might fall in love with a purple desk, but utility needs to be kept in mind.
    Executive desks are made from solid, high-quality materials and they are quite heavy. This should be kept in mind when purchasing an executive desk. An average office style desk that comes with file cabinet drawers or matching hutch should be between 115-200 pounds.
    Executive desk can potentially be one of the largest pieces of furniture in a home. Depending on the style of desk, it may take up significantly more room than a standard desk. A conventional office desk should be about 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep. The knee space under the desk should be 20 to 26 inches high, no less than 20 to 24 inches wide, and 12 to 15 inches deep. Drawers installed below the work surface are generally larger than those above it.

There is a debate about the negative effects of sitting and working. The statistics suggest that the negative health effects of sitting, like how good cholesterol drops by 20% the moment you sit down. The study in 2012 showed by reducing “excessive sitting” to less than three hours a day, life expectancy in the U.S. could increase by two years. It is said that the death rate for women, who sit for more than 6 hours a day is about 40% higher than women who stand and work. For men who spend 6 hours or more per day of their leisure time sitting have an overall death rate that is about 20 % higher than men who sit for three hours or less. So, choosing the best home office desk plays an important role in keeping your health in check.

It would be a great idea to have an ergonomic office chair to turn your home into a comfy office!

Best Office Desks Comparison Chart For 2019

KATHY IRELAND L-SHAPED OFFICE DESK$$$$$WheatWood81 x 68.2 x 29374 pounds
COASTER EXECUTIVE OFFICE DESK$$$$Black / CherryWood72 x 32 x 31401.3 pounds
SAUDER HARBOR VIEW CORNER COMPUTER DESK$$$Antiqued PaintWood66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3179 pounds
MONARCH RECLAIMED HOME OFFICE CORNER DESK$$$NaturalWood47.2 x 23.8 x 3075 pounds
SAUDER HARBOR L SHAPED OFFICE DESK$$$Salt oakBamboo-derived rayon66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3192 pounds
LEICK HOME OFFICE CORNER DESK$$$Chocolate OakWood48 x 24 x 30.278 pounds
WE FURNITURE CORNER OFFICE DESK$SmokeWood51 x 20 x 2957 pounds
Z-LINE GLASS OFFICE DESK$Clear GlassStainless Steel24 x 60 x 3796.5 pounds
RTA L-SHAPED OFFICE DESK$$BrownMdf-Metal44 x 33 x 664 pounds
SAUDER HOME OFFICE DESK$Autumn MapleWood47 x 20.6 x 36.195 pounds

Wrap Up!

Finally, it can be said that there are various desk designs with different features in the market. Choosing the best office desk may seem like a difficult work but if the tips and guidelines can be followed with own preferences then one can find an amazing workstation.

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