Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Chair Review

This office chair is lightweight and ergonomic. If you’re looking for an office chair that is comfortable but that can also be moved around with ease, then this may be a good choice.

It is also affordable and can be used for both the home office and work office. This Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Black Mesh Computer Chair Review will take a look at this desk chair to see just what makes it such great value for money and one of the best home office chairs available.

The design and features

New -Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Desk ChairThe backrest of this office chair is made from strong black mesh. This material is both supportive and breathable. Due to the lack of cushioning however, it doesn’t feel as luxurious to sit in as other chairs are. Despite the back of this office chair being made from mesh however, which does not mean that it feels flimsy or uncomfortable. Surprisingly, the mesh can still support your back in the same way as the more expensive office chair.

There is a free tilt option that comes with this desk chair that allows you to freely recline and float back. If you would prefer however, you can also lock the office chair at a tilted angle for stability.

Connecting the seat to the base stem isn’t difficult to do and once it’s locked into place, this office chair feels sturdy and durable. The high-quality construction of the base and casters give a safe and strong feel to the overall design of this office chair and it can support heavier users if necessary.


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This office chair is suitable for everyone as it is completely adjustable. Because of the way that the dimensions of the chair can be changed,

The tilt feature on the Ancheer Mount Mesh Chair is one of the most flexible on the market as you can choose from free tilt or you and lock it in any one of an infinite number of angles. This allows you to choose just how far back you want to tilt on this chair.

A metal gas spring connects the seat to the base of the chair and you will find that it is easy to put together. Assembly involves a 6-step process and this is completed in just a few minutes thanks to the clear and illustrated instructions that come with the office chair.

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The target audience

Thanks to the height and angle adjustment offered by the headrest, armrests and the backrest and the sliding adjustable seat, this office chair has been designed for most users. It doesn’t matter what your size or shape is, this office chair is bound to be the right fit for you.

This office chair also offers convenience as well as comfort so if you need to move the chair around the office regularly, you will be able to do so.

This office chair would probably not be suitable if many people will be using the chair throughout the day, for example in a school setting. Altering the adjustments of the desk chair can be time-consuming.


  • This desk chair has a lightweight mesh backrest which makes the chair lighter than others on the market
  • Despite the mesh material, this office chair is still supportive and good quality.
  • Easy to assemble and requires few tools
  • This is an affordable option for anyone who needs a good quality office chair on a lower budget.
  • Adjustable lumbar support included.


  • If many people are likely to be using the office chair throughout the day, the height adjustment features can become inconvenient.
  • The casters do not allow free movement on carpeted floorings so you would be better of choosing this office chair for a laminated or tiled flooring type instead.
  • The lack of cushioning gives a less luxurious feel in comparison to other more expensive office chairs on the market.

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 Ancheer Mount Ergonomic office Chair performance


This Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Black Mesh Computer Chair Review shows that you do get what you pay for when it comes to choosing an office chair. Although it is affordable, it does lack the luxury that more expensive model have. The omission of backrest cushioning for example makes this desk chair less pleasurable to sit in than a highly padded chair. Having said that, this office chair is still great value for money as it can offer surprising support despite the mesh backrest material. It also comes with lumbar support that will ensure that your spine is kept in the best position.

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