Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller Review (Health-Positive Design)


When you’re looking for a completely versatile office chair, it may be desirable to have access to a model that can be customized. This Aeron Office Chair by Herman Miller Review will show just how user friendly and customizable this model is. You can purchase additional supports and armrests to suit your needs to you wont have to simply settle for the product that arrives in the box.

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The Design And Features

Aeron Chair by Herman MillerThere are different options when it comes to the backrest. This part of the chair is made from mesh and does not provide the most comprehensive support on its own. The most luxurious option is the posture fit backrest.

Herman Miller aeron office chair offers a butterfly shaped support pad for your lower back. A dial on the side of the chair gives you the freedom to adjust this pad. Alternatively, there is a less expensive option, which comes in the form of a lumbar support cushion. This pad allows you to choose from a deep or shallow support option and it encourages you not to slouch in your office chair.

There is an optional tilt limiter that allows you to limit the angle of the tilt of the chair. This does have to be purchased separately however and some people may feel a little unbalanced using this office chair as it comes. The tilt limiter also allows you to be able to tilt forwards over your desk if you are a little taller.



aeron chair by herman miller
You can purchase additional arms with this desk chair, as they don’t come as standard, but for many people, the arms are unnecessary and get in the way of the desk when trying to get closer to the computer. You can choose between fixed arms or adjustable ones, but as the adjustable ones aren’t all that much more expensive, it may be a better choice to go with the adjustable ones for complete versatility.

This chair is good as a basic office chair, but the beauty of it is that you can add to it if you want to. As the back supports don’t come as standard, you can choose the one that best suits your budget and your needs and you can do the same with the armrests too.




Although this chair does not provide as much comfort and support as some of the other office chairs on the market, you can still enjoy adequate support for your back and the mesh material allows you to avoid getting too hot whilst sitting in the chair.

If you don’t want to have to spend a long time getting an office chair assembled, for example, if you are purchasing several to equip an office with, then this may be the chair for you as an assembly only takes a couple of minutes and isn’t complicated.


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The Target Audience

Whilst this chair is useful enough for the office, it may not provide complete lower back comfort for all users. If you prefer a soft cushioned office chair, this may not be for you. This office chair is great however for those who are looking for something that offers good back support and there are plenty of options to purchase additionally if you would like to adapt the chair to suit your own requirements. Because you can choose from additional back support and armrests, this desk chair is suitable for most users looking for a sturdy chair with good support.


  • Plenty of additional accessories available to purchase to fully customize the design.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mesh support allowing breathability


  • This office chair does not provide as much back support as some of the other chairs on the market.
  • Although mesh chairs are adequate for providing support, they are not as comfortable as those that have foam or memory foam padding, so this office chair is not all too comfortable to sit in for prolonged amounts of time.
  • There are a lot of reports of Herman Miller Aeron office chairs being faulty. Although the manufacturer is good at replacing defective units, this doesn’t make this office chair such a very reliable choice.


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As you can tell by reading this Aeron Office Chair by Herman Miller Review, there are plenty of great benefits to be had by choosing this office chair. Although there are some negatives such as the lack of comfort or cushioning in the backrest and the lack of support with the basic model, the fact that you can add other accessories is a great bonus. If you want to purchase one chair in bulk that can be customized for each user in the office, then Aeron chair a great choice.

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