What is your workspace like? Nowadays, there is a wide range of areas in which people can work, and they vary not only in terms of a job description but also in terms of places. Some may spend a lot of time laboring under the sun, others have to sit in front of the computer all day long to perform their duties, yet others prefer the convenience of creating their home offices.

People tend to consider physical activities more exhausting and risky for their health than office-related ones. However, working in front of a computer is sometimes even more tiring and unhealthy than digging a garden or constructing a building. So if you happen to work in an office no matter if it is in a company or at home, you’d better start thinking of ways how to make your working place more comfortable.

After all, your health is what matters the most. One of the essential things when you have to sit all day, and you don’t have the chance to do any physical activities at work is to try to sit properly. To help you take better care of your health while conducting your job, we have prepared 10 tips for improving posture and ergonomics.

The three most significant factors when it comes to working in an office are:

  • How comfortable the chair you sit all day on is.
  • How convenient the desk you work at is.
  • What the characteristics of the lighting in your office are.

Office Chairs are Perhaps the most Essential Component

best office chairIndisputably the most indispensable piece of furniture in your office is your chair. The perfect office chair should be comfortable, as well as affordable. Moreover, it should suit the design of your workplace. There is a variety of options you can choose from as most of the products available on the market are intended to meet all your requirements and at the same time, to be stylish. You can find modern or vintage chairs to match the interior of your professional or home office. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared a number of buying guides. Here are some of the points they feature:

The Price of Your Chair – Most people have the wrong impression that you need to spend a fortune to get a comfortable and ergonomic piece of furniture. However, it is not necessary to spend all your savings to have the stylish cushy chair which your body deserves.  If you read some reviews of the top products on the market, you will be surprised that most of them show chairs under 300. In addition to the low price, they feature all the necessary characteristics that will make your working day a more pleasant experience in terms of comfort. To make the wisest decision of which one of them to get, you should consider the following features:

  • The fabric they are made of – the material of the furniture you sit on all day should be breathable. So you are advised to avoid leather.
  • The wheels of the unit – most office chairs are equipped with wheels. So you have to think of the material on the floor in your workspace.
  • The possibility to adjust – it is better if you can adjust the chair according to the preferences

of your body.

  • The warranty of the product – before getting any piece of furniture, you should check what period of time the warranty covers.

Thanks to some more profound research that we conducted, we managed to find even chairs under 200, which share the same characteristics as the more expensive products of the same type. The quality of the materials they are made of is the same as some more costly items. The extras that provide the comfort of these cheaper chairs are the same as the extras of the more pricey ones. So you don’t have to choose price over quality. Instead, you can have both of them at the same time.

Types of Chairs – Nowadays, the market is full of different kinds of chairs. They vary in terms of comfort, functions, materials, price, and extras.

If you want to be more efficient at your workplace, you should consider taking a heated massage chair. We are all familiar with the benefits of a good massage. Well, now you don’t need to go to a masseur to get rid of stress and feel relaxed. If your chair features heated massage functions, you will be relaxed all day long.

Moreover, your heartbeat will improve, and thanks to this, you will be more productive. The heat function of these products is intended to activate your muscles, which results in pain relief. Not only your body won’t ache anymore, but your blood flow will increase. On the whole, your health will improve. So it is worth having such a piece of furniture in your home office. Of course, it will be great if the company you work at also provides such massaging items. Thus they will ensure that you will do your best.

Some employees can’t benefit from the comfort of having a heated massage at work simply because they have to stand throughout the whole day. Or at least this is what their employers think. We all know that some people have to work behind standing desks. Traditional office chairs won’t be of use to them. Thankfully, the providers of office equipment have designed tall office chairs for standing desks.

They are also comfortable and allow the workers to acquire a good posture and rest their bodies. Researches show that they reduce the back issues which people working behind standing desks have. Another advantage of these types of chairs is that by sitting on them, you improve the straight position of your shoulders. When we sit on traditional office chairs, we tend to bend our shoulders, and this leads to back pains.

You may think that tall office chairs are not the most comfortable option, but you cannot argue about the apparent advantages of using reclining office chairs. This type is the only one in which you can lie back and, at the same time, continue completing your tasks. Even if you don’t work all day long lying, it is good to know that you can stretch and rest your back for some short break. You can be assured that these pieces of furniture will boost your productivity.

People who haven’t had the chance to use massage or reclining office chairs have certainly felt the inevitable back pain that prolonged office hours cause. Luckily, there are special chairs for back pain. Our back aches after some specific time of sitting, and this is normal and can be explained with the evolution of the human being. Thanks to evolution, our bodies are not intended to sit still for an extended period of time. We are expected to make more movements. The chairs which are specialized for back pain help us acquire the right posture, which leads to eliminating this inconvenience.

Additional Extras Accompanying the Chair to Provide Your Comfort

ergonomic office chairEven if you don’t have a chair for back pain, there are other ways in which you can get rid of this unpleasant feeling. For example, you can get lumbar support cushions.  Using them, you can make the most uncomfortable chair a cushy one. You can also use them in your home office and adjust to your needs any chair that you have available in your house. These cushions help your body obtain an upright position. Hence your muscles are not strained, and you don’t feel any back pain. These exclusive extras are intended to match the curves of your body so that your back can be supported.

Other additions to the ideal office chairs are the underdesk footrests. They are designed so that you can put your feet on them and make them relax. Sitting all day, not moving our feet, may result in them being stiff and painful. Most footrests feature a rocking function, which boosts your blood circulation and increases the tone of your muscles.

Desks are Your Work Temple

Other pieces of furniture which are essential for your workplace are office desks. As with all the other office equipment items, desks also come in a range of different types. The differences are in terms of size, material, price, any extras that go with them.

If we think of the material, there are four different types:

  • Wood desks – these are the most popular options as they can fit any home or office interior. These items are not only stylish but also durable, which is the reason most people prefer them.
  • Glass desks –if you want your office to look more modern, you can get a glass desk. However, you should keep in mind that they may be very pricey and that they can be easily broken. So, they are not a good option for your home office, especially if your kids happen to be around.
  • Rustic desks – these are also made of wood, but they have a more rustic look.
  • Metal desks – these are the most durable ones. It is true that they are not very stylish, but they won’t break down quickly.

The other criteria you should consider when getting a desk is its size.  Of course, this piece of furniture is expected to be the most massive one in your professional or home office. However, you should take into account the size of your workspace. Make sure that everything inside it is proportional. You need to leave some space for your knees and feet under the desk.

As far as price is concerned, there is a great variety of options. We have prepared reviews of products that offer the right balance between price and quality. Thus you will enjoy the comfort of the top items for an affordable amount of money.

In terms of extras, desks can come with drawers. You’d better decide precisely how many of them you will need and what you are going to put inside them. Thus you won’t have any extra drawers that you don’t use, but they eat up your space. You should also consider if you will need a keyboard shelf or any power strips. When you choose a desk, it is its function that should come first.

Take Care of Your Eyes, and not only Your Body

Desk lampWhen you design your office, another thing which you should consider is the lighting in the room. In most cases, the regular overhead lights are not enough, so people get extra desk lamps. The top products are both energy-efficient and modern-looking. Here are some of the features that you need to look for when choosing a desk lamp:

  • The level of brightness – to select the proper brightness, you should know what wattages and lux stand for. Wattages measure the power that the lamp needs to function, and lux measures the level of brightness. As a rule of thumb, the higher the lux, the higher the wattage should be. Remember that brightness is of crucial importance for your eyes.
  • The type of lighting – the most common desk lamps use LED light. The reason for this is that it is more durable than fluorescent light. In addition to this, it is energy-efficient, so people prefer it as a budget-friendly option. Also, with Led lights, you can adjust the color temperature. Last but not least, lamps that use LED light don’t warm up and don’t need to be replaced because of overheating.
  • The spot where you intend to place the lamp – before you buy a desk lamp, you should decide where exactly you are going to locate it. Make sure that it fits this place. Decide whether you are going to move it around. If this is the case, you’d better get a battery-operated cordless item.
  • The style of your desk lamp – another thing worth thinking about is the design of your office. It will be great if you can choose a lamp that fits its interior. There is a variety of different options – some are modern, others –
  • Colour temperature – this depends only on your preference. Some people like cool light, others prefer warm light.